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Inside Edge is not your typical network & computer consulting company.  We are your complete resource for network and software needs.


Iside Edge offers a variety of services for your office from development, installation and support to total IS/IT management.  Together we will develop an affordable plan that suits all of your IS/IT needs.


Inside Edge was founded December of 2000 by our president Ronald Clemens, who realized Fort Wayne’s small and mid sized companies were not maximizing their technology potential.  For most of these companies, their computer guy was there to come in, fix a problem and leave, only to return to fix the same problem the next time.  With the difficulty of finding a part-time network technician and the high costs of hiring a full-time network administrator, using an outside technician was the only solution to keeping software, workstations and servers running.


Ronald set out to solve this problem.  Working with companies of all sizes, meeting with their owners and executives, managing and manipulating different plans and services, a solution and a new kind of network and computer consulting company was born.  The solution is to bring large office consulting and administration to small and mid sized companies at a price they can handle.


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